Introducing Jesus & the Bible to University Students

課號 Codes: yzu-le416 & yzu-gs380 & yzu-fc002
習作本: Objectives (1) To understand the background of the Bible (2) To learn about the life of Jesus Christ as presented in the New Testament Gospels (3) To know the basic teaching of the Bible (4) To appreciate its impact on society

課本(Text): 聖經,   圣经,   Holy Bible (免費軟體))   Index

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課堂講稿 Selected Lecture Slides

  1. Overview Overview in One Slide
    為什么學習? Why Study it?
    Timeline for the Bible (Accurate post 2200BC)
    聖經 The Holy Bible notes
  2. 舊約 OTA 新約背景(人本為善嗎?)First Things (Creation & Fall)
    舊約 OTB 罪(人生最重要的問題) Sin (Man`s Key Problem)
  3. 舊約 OT Review: 新約背景 Creation, Fall & Promise [SWF] or [PPT] (From Genesis to the New Testament)
  4. 舊約 OT 申命記 Deuteronomy (see notes in bible, previous item)
  5. 舊約 OT   A Key: Relationship & Abraham 亞伯拉罕
  6. From a Family to a Nation: Trust and Obey
  7. 舊約 OT   Moses 摩西 & David 大衛  
    Timeline:   God works with a Nation & its leaders? (Judges-Samuel-Saul/David)   notes 1   notes 2
    ARC   Moses to David
  8. 舊約 OT   以賽亞, 耶利米,耶利米哀歌 ,以西結,但以理 Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Daniel Timeline   notes
  9. 舊約 OT   先知書:十二 Unity in Diversity: The 12   notes
  10. 新約 NT   Logical Consistency: From Old to New, testimony of Moses and David to the Coming Messiah
  11. 新約 NT 4,5,7,8 耶穌是誰?Who is Jesus?
  12. 新約 NT   耶穌為何釘死十架? Why did Jesus Die?
  13. 新約 NT   聖經的神跡是真的嗎? Did the Bible’s Miracles Really Happen?   notes
  14. 新約 NT 從墳墓到神的家 From Grave to Family of God
  15. 新約 NT 福音是什么?   notes   摘要

    Going On: Christian Teaching and Influence

  16. 新約 NT Propagation of Jesus' Teaching , Jon's Experience & 我如何遇见耶稣 How I encountered Jesus (A Little Candle)
    Music: 恩典的美麗 The Beauty of Grace
    Music: 基督教的音樂 Christian Music: Gregorian Chants


  1. What do we know about Jesus from outside the Bible? ANS
  2. What is Sin? ANS

Course Implementation

OT & NT together

Course Workbook (vs 2009) for Intro to Christianity (GS380) (NT only)