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The Annual Xiaotu Conference of Science and Engineering held at universities in Taiwan provides an opportunity for graduate students in the related fields of engineering, science and medicine to present their research work in English to their peers in a friendly setting. The conference thus endeavours to promote technical exchange in English among graduate students. A unique feature of this conference is that presenters have the opportunity to receive written feedback on their presentations from established researchers, native English speakers as well as their peers.


The organization of this conference was prompted by two trends in Science and Engineering -- globalization, and the rise of interdisciplinary research. The purpose of the conference is thus two-fold.
  1. To provide graduate students a chance to present (orally) their research in English in a standard conference setting. The hope is that this experience will give students greater confidence in presenting their work in an international setting.
  2. To provide a venue in which students can meet and network with graduate students in other universities and disciplines. The hope is that these relationships will in the future give rise to fruitful collaborations.


Graduate students at universities in Taiwan and abroad are invited to submit an abstract detailing original research in the fields of engineering, science and medicine electronically by the posted deadline.

Presentation Format

Talks (12 minutes plus 3 minutes for questions) will be scheduled in related sessions, chaired by fellow graduate students. All abstracts will be published electronically and archived.

Registration Fee

For students presenting papers, the conference registration fee is waived.

Additional Information

Questions should be directed to (xtop@xiaotu.ca)
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