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All contributed presentations are 15 minutes. Each presentation will have a break for questions during the last 2-3 minutes. A computer (Windows-XP) with USB port and an LCD projector will be provided in the conference room.

The following are guidelines only. While it is recommended that you follow these guidelines, it is not required.

Talk Organization

In organizing your oral presentation, the speaker is asked to take into consideration that those listening to your talk:
  1. come from a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds
  2. have a limited grasp of the English language.
Thus, it is not appropriate that your talk be too specific to your discipline or use too many "big" English words.


I would suggest that you prepare 12-15 viewgraphs for your talk be formatted as follows:
  1. Title Page (Include a picture of your supervisor)
  2. Outline of the talk
  3. General Introduction
  4. General Introduction and Importance of the Research
  5. Overview of the Research area
  6. Overview of the Research area
  7. Experimental techniques
  8. Experimental techniques
  9. Key Research Results
  10. Key Research Results
  11. Key Research Results
  12. Conclusions & importance of the work
  13. Next steps (i.e. what you will do next)
  14. Possibilities for future collaboration

Questions to ask yourself after your talk is prepared...

Additional Information

Questions should be directed to info@xiaotu.ca
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